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"Magnetismo Animale" studded leather jacket from Gucci

A soft and flexible jacket that has a distinctive design made by the popular brand in the fashion industry the Gucci company from their Pre-Fall 2018 Collection. It is the best seller in Gucci because of its rocker look and can be used in any type of activities

It is 100% made up from leather with satin lining and Red Pippin to make it more stylish. It has a front zip and two pockets added on its design and zip closure. This unique design is very comfy to wear and warm to use.

You should try this "Magnetismo Animale" studded leather jacket and match it with any design of T-shirt or any type of clothes to see the best result. It has tiger drawing on the back of it that will make you more look like a punk.

Some artists really love this brand because of its nice features and I am pretty sure, you will love it too. It is one of the coolest jackets design in Gucci. Try it now here!!!

How much is Magnetismo Animale" studded leather jacket?
 --This item cost $10,800 on their website. See it here!!!

Where can I buy this "Magnetismo Animale" studded leather jacket?
-- You can buy it only in Gucci Store. Just click here!!!

Conclusion: If you are the type of person who loves to wear a jacket then this is the best one for you. This jacket made from Gucci is very in demand nowadays and has the best quality you can ever think off. See it here!!!

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