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4 forum sites that pays you to write article


There are circles of circumstances in finding out a reliable income on the internet. Throughout the years that has been circulating many websites also have added and gained an appreciation in their related business. They also provide an opportunity for those job seekers who want to work online.

Some of those opportunities are answering surveys, data entry and much more. But I do likely most is this forum posting which I knew you already heard about it. And if not, then, we're here to discussed and help you familiarized in this subject.

The forum is like a big sister to some websites which they took to spend the time to increase their popularity online. This platform based on interacting with people in sharing their thoughts and ideas. Questions that have been lingering on your mind can be answered in some forum sites. So you have to ask them and they will give you the exact and pointed answer.

Supposedly. forums are just for people who seek knowledge and ask specific questions but it changes its main goal because they do offer a posting job now.

Are you surprised right?

Yes, you can earn money by just posting into their forum sites in exchange of your effort. This is not that bad huh? But don't expect that you can get a big amount in just a short period of time. Your content must have quality and one-of-a-kind so that people will love to read your articles.


A popular site that has a ton of users who wants to earn money on their platform. You can earn $0.05 to $5.00 on your posts which are not that bad. Other users affirm that they don't get money from here and while some of them earn a lot of money.

They require trial posts before you get accepted to perform into their databased. They have assorted reviews and acknowledge any country to join their huge crowds of members.
Also, a top-rated site that hires writers to make a content for their costumer. You had to take a try out before you will get the access on their dashboard.

Apparently, the acceptation of your submission varies from 10-24 hours.

This is where the writers go around if they want to find a stable or just a part-time job. You have to pass the test before you will get the approval of the owner.

Talent and skills must obtain in this territory because they offer lots of different jobs which pays you a bigger amount. People nowadays are making enough money to pay their bill at home using Freelancer. I bet, you should try this one since this is the most popular and legit writing sites on the internet.

One of the oldest site that ever existed on the internet that ranks high on Google. The approval here is much easier and fast-moving rather than the other websites.

Payment here per post goes around $0.02 to $1.00 depending on your popularity. All countries are accepted here.


Similar to Freelancer which also hires a writer and had so many opportunities in their area. Doesn't require so much time on registering because you will get accepted immediately and can start to find jobs for you to earn money right away.

You can earn a great amount here and the payment will be submitted to Paypal, Payoneer and much more. Enhance your skills because this might be a chance that you will get to work at home and make a passive income online.

Seeking a job online is like finding your own journey which is very risky so better try to choose the legit one. And also by making a decision, you should be wise and clever in order to achieve your main goal.

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