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The new Louis Vuitton Taiga Serviette Kourad Briefcase has a gorgeous and amazing structured design which I do really love. It has a brass hardware with a with a single flat top handle on the top of it. There is also a pocket on the back of it and a tonal hide interior with S-lock on the front of this Taiga Serviette Kourad Briefcase.

It is probably the best suitable Briefcase for most business owners because of its authentic style. You can put your laptop in it and other items that needed in your business.

Louis Vuitton Taiga Serviette Kourad Briefcase is made from the highest quality materials that ensure its long-lasting use. Also, the color of this Briefcase really suits anyone who will purchase this Louis Vuitton Taiga Serviette Kourad Briefcase.

You can get this Taiga Serviette Kourad Briefcase in the condition, of course, this is the main focus on the product with a light scratches in some areas on it and tarnishing at the hardware. It has little scuffs and some marks at corners and pipping with tiny scratches plus a residue on its interior but its still a good product.

Overall, Taiga Serviette Kourad Briefcase is worth it to be on your next list on your shopping list. I can guarantee you that you won't regret anything upon buying this Taiga Serviette Kourad Briefcase because it has the best feature.

How much is this Louis Vuitton Taiga Serviette Kourad Briefcase?
They are on sale now, so it only cost around $558.75 but its original price is $745.00. Check it out here!!!

Where can I buy this Louis Vuitton Taiga Serviette Kourad Briefcase?
You can buy it in any store but if you want some big discount? Then, check it out here!!!

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