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Concert in Greek Theatre was cancelled due to bombed threat

The youtube personnel was about to perform in Greek Theatre on Sunday night when a sudden problem came. Yousef venue for his concert was in the field of Griffith Park, Los Angeles but then took out to open-air in the venue's parking lot where everyone is safe to watch him performing on stage.

An extreme amount of 1,500 people coerced out to impart the said place because of the bombed threat that was being received by the police through the call. They looked in the entire area immediately but didn't notice even a single of the box.

The threat was really scary and the authorities have to push the said concert's cancellation for the people's sake. Later on, Yousef Erakat took an Instagram post to share his views about the threat which he captions "We're just being tested right now."

Authorities of Los Angeles stated suggestions that the threat was made by some "prank" callers who just wants attention from the public.

This is not the first time they received a bombed threat from someone and they do a quick action regarding this kind of situation to ensure everyone's protection.

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