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Shooting in New Orleans leaving 3 dead and 7 injured innocents

An incident that happened in New Orleans on Saturday night was seriously intense that left three dead and seven injured innocent individuals. Authorities were seeking for assistance at the crime scene and also spotted the two suspect wearing a hooded pullover in a daiquiri shop around 8:30 in the evening.

Gunmen were standing in massive crowds in order not to get identified immediately by the authorities as stated by one of the witnesses in the incident. New Orleans Police Superintendent Michael Harrison stated in an official report that the gunslingers utilized rifle and a handgun in the shooting scene. He added that they "appeared to have fired indiscriminately into the crowd but then stood over one individual and fired multiple rounds."

Victims from the crime scene were still in New Orleans Emergency Medical Services Director Emily Nichols and were given a medical attention in order to heal their body wounds. They were about two females and five females who are still alive and two men and one woman who died on the spot in the incident.

Authorities are calling everyone's attention to help them recognized the two suspects and put them to jail in order to pay the lost lives of three dead people and seven injured individuals. The purpose of their shooting wasn't distinguished yet and still looking some possible pointers in the crime scene.

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