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Rowan Atkinson's death hoax was just used by scammers

Rowan Atkinson's name was being played numerous time online and it was very frustrating to hear especially the person is not totally dead as what they've been stated in their written articles. This was the third time that we encountered this spoof on the internet that went on viral because of another death affirm of Mr. Atkinson.

The Hoax-Slayer stated that the person who made this viral recent spoof desired to disseminate a computer virus all over the internet which is a big destruction to the online world. There was also a video that has a play button on it and called people attention to share it to everyone with a matching security test which is not good because the scammers will get your phone number then steal away your card's information through their hacking method.

Other celebrities also might experience this kind of jokes and not just Mr. Rowan Atkinson. It is literally one of the game that the Hollywood celebrities must deal within the next couple of months or years because I am pretty sure that there will a next death affirm from various celebrities names.

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