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Rich The Kid posted "mysterious" message on instagram

An Instagram post made by Rich The Kid blows out the minds of his fans and co-artists. His message was " R.I.P. Rich The Kid 1992-2018" which leave us in a specific question of what's the meaning behind of this words?

Apparently. Rich The Kid wants to change his stage name and create a new one. This post was pointing out to his record label company which he worked in and had some conflicts about their agreements.

 We need some clear interpretations around this matters and we reached up to his representative to clarify the whole thing. His representative signalized Rich The Kid posts "Fuck 300 [Entertainment], Y'all suck, Listen, Y'all gotta let me out this damn contract. I don't wanna be with Y'all no fuckin' more. I told y'all I get Y'all this money back. I don't wanna be with y'all label no more. Y'all suck. Y'all is trash. Listen, young independent artists, do not sign with 300 Ent. They're the worst, worst label ever".

Rich The Kid is not the only artist who has an issue with this record label company but as well as Migos also. They shared everything in an interview with Complex on how they are being manipulated by 300 Entertainment.

Although 300 Entertainment did not yet respond on this claims, this story will go in the line from the next couple of days and maybe we can hear something from them. So stay updated and will be back soon in this issue.

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