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Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine hospitalized after the robbery incident

An incident that was happened recently to Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine where he was being robbed, beaten by a pistol and much worst situation being abducted by three unknown men. The said investigation maid by the authorities, Rapper 6ix9ine was about to make it into his house after his video shoot was finished for his upcoming album on Sunday when suddenly an unidentified car showed up and crossed on his way. The three gunslingers went out, bumped him with force and moved him into their car.

The attackers demanded a money and jewelry for the exchanged of rapper's life then heading to his house. Tekashi handed them a $20,000 cash and a cost of $750,000 of his collections of jewelry. After they get what they wanted to the said rapper, they pulled him back to their car and escape.

Tekashi was being put at the back of the attacker's car but luckily, he manages to open it and run away with the help of an individual. The unknown person called 911 and then the ambulance came right away for the rapper to get hospitalized.

He had some minor injuries caused by the incident and still recovering on the hospital. The investigation is still ongoing and the progress of determining the three suspects wasn't yet confirmed by the authorities.