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Japan lost the Russia World Cup 2018 but they come back home with pride

A heavy grief that was felt by Japan's football team and also their loyal fans because of the lost in Russia World Cup 2018 Tournament on Monday night. Its opponent was from Belgium that gets 58 places, not within the scope of Japan's FIFA rankings that gain points in the game of 94th-minute winner and made them goes up to the next round of the said competition.

In spite of the team lost and heading back to their hometown, they assured fans that they put an a memories that cannot be erased not just in the entire game but also to their loyal supporters.

Their fans gathered up and clean the whole stadium area while the players giving a note in the dressing room saying "Thank You".

In the first quarterfinal round, Japan's team has three last-16 attempts inquiring into 2-0 before in the second half in the tournament merely to check Belgium on how they will bet on and abducted a 3-2 win in an unstoppable counterstrike.

Other players released a statement, "When we took the lead, I thought we were going to win. It hurts, but it was a really good game and I feel moved. I want Japan to keep playing hard next time" said Nao Okada.

The coach blamed himself for the team's loss and even questioning his credibility in suggesting a strategy for his players. Some people watching the tournament said that the result was incompetent and unpleasantly stern.

But then again, it was a great fight in the history of World Cup Tournament and even FIFA thanked Japan's national football team in a tweeter post for contributing in the game.

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