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Facebook is having a hard time about earnings

 Facebook suddenly fell-out in its second-quarter earnings on Wednesday as described on their estimation. The fulminant breaks their stock caused by the dropping of its gross and user numbers of calculations.

It's profit per share in social media cost to run $1.74 and it's gross hit at $13.23 billion and apparently lacking part of the amount $13.36 billion as what the experts hoped-for.

Monthly active users and daily users were being monitored by the Facebook stock owners but the fast shocking went down on its earnings really affect the holders of the company.

One of the File Cloud officers said "It turns out there is indeed a direct correlation between data privacy scandals and daily active users on Facebook. The stock has had an epic run since March, so short-term-minded investors were ripe to sell off Facebook once a hint of a less than perfect quarter turned into a reality. Less time on Facebook means slower top-line revenue that had driven the stock to recurring all-time highs."

Facebook is currently having a tough time like just also a human but then again the revenue always keeps on changing each day so maybe tomorrow there will be a great value and were looking into that position.