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Do love really exist between Katharine McPhee and David Foster?

People were very shocked and amazed about the two announced their engagement in a twitter diamond ring emoji post. Despite an age gap between this two couple Katharine McPhee and David Foster still rocked each other's world. The proposal happened in the mountain of Anacapri somewhere in the area of Italy as Katherine shared a numerous detail to Jared Eng. McPhee in a text message conversation.

The dating hearsay fall-out last year and when they asked by some media personnel they denied the whole impulsive gossips but then again the speculation between the two still remain in there. When this news occurs online, people can't help it but get obsessed with how the two developed their feeling towards each other. It's no denial that David has a 4 wife in the past and Katherine McPhee was also divorced by his husband in 2016.

The two couple were having an indulgent European leisure time away from work and seems that McPhee is really happy in her current situation with Mr. Foster. They even shared some glimpse photos in their vacations in latest posts in Instagram and Twitter.

Those sparkling eyes and nice smile of McPhee confirmed that she's really in love with Mr. Foster and he will be her next second husband when she walked down the aisle in their upcoming wedding. For sure they can create adorable songs since they are both talented when it comes to music.

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