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Demi was hospitalized due to suspected drug

Demi Lovato a Hollywood singer was set to have a concert in Atlantic City at the venue of Atlantic City Beach but then was canceled due to her unexpected hospitalization allegedly overdose of some heroin drugs but Demi abnegates the claim.

Some sources say Demi Lovato health condition is in stable now and nothing to be worried for. The tickets for her concert was moved to Lauv performances on the expected date of July 26th accompanying with The Chainsmokers appearance because of its portion in Atlantic City Beach Feast Concert Series while repayments are also accessible if opted upon on your bought up.

Demi shared the story on a documentary on how she conquers her daily struggles on her bipolar disorder and even received a treatment. The singer announced on June that she fell back barely months later on declaring six years of abstinence from alcohol and drugs.

She's still on recovering mode and will hit the stage soon...