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Why people overacting from Scarlette Johansson new movie?

Scarlette Johnson will portray as a main leading role in a new upcoming movie. This concept is very refreshing and new to her since this is very much different to those roles that she used to play with. It is a true story of a somebody who was born back then as a Jean Gill.

This person already died in 2013 and the locals confirmed it and barely called as "Mr. Gill". They even stated that this individual runs a parlor for prostitution and had the experience to change her appearance in order to come into sight as manly.

People are very convinced that Scarlette Johansson doesn't suit the given role and must be played with a transman. This is the main reason why they kept on attacking her and exploiting some negative comments in the said new movie.

This issue was already heard by actress Scarlette Johanson and as a response, her representative give a meaningful statement "Tell them that they can be directed to Jeffrey Tambor, Jared Leto, and Felicity Huffman."

The movie is going on and she will be the one who will play as a transman in real life story of "Mr. Gill."

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