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Alexander Lee will be in Tanjay City Negros Occidental

As the annual fiesta celebration in Tanjay City, Negros Occidental Philippines is approaching this upcoming July 24, 2018. The performances from different artists every night were the show-off at Tanjay Plaza and it's totally free for everyone. Thanks to the newly elected Mayor for inviting those talented artists and from offering people a delectation to make them feel happy despite from those tiring days of work.

One of their performers is the former U-Kiss member Alexander Lee who is the main leading actor in his hit drama series My Korean Jagiya that was being aired last year. He will be hitting the stage in Tanjay this forthcoming fiesta and it will be his first visit to the land of Negros Occidental.

This is a big opportunity for those K-pop lovers who want to sneak-a-peek from this handsome young man which is very good at singing, dancing and also in acting. It will be such a fun and exciting event! So see you there.....  

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