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Who are the Candidates for 9th Congressional District?

The Main Election Day will be on Tuesday for the Democratic Nominations of 9th District and two candidates seeking for your ballots in order to have it done in that specific day.

Justin D. Santopietro who is one of the candidates of 9th District is from Southwest Virginia and was employed in financial services but then currently chartered in Credit Union National Association as a Regulatory Policy Analyst which he aimed advancement.

His main platform for his campaign is Tax Fairness and Gun Rights where he wants to dilute the high paying task employment, work, and production. He is also concerned about guns that might be being used for any cruelty and destruction to human beings.

Another candidate is Anthony J. Flaccavento who is a planter and a businessman from Southwest Virginia but he presently lives in Abingdon. He's more into farming that's why people loved him because of his works.

His main platform for his campaign are more about HealthCare and Education which he wants the poor to have free medication and should have free education especially in most colleges.

Whoever gains more votes will be the one to challenge Rep. Morgan Griffith probably November on this year.

To know more about their personal information just research them or look at through their social media account.

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