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Tickets are here for Coachella Festival 2019

Everyone is an aroused state for upcoming Coachella 2019 and the tickets are up on sale now. The actual sale of tickets has happened of Friday at exactly 11.00 am in and the sales fall in before the play will take place for the 2019 Coachella Festival that will be held in Empire Polo Club in Indio.

The date of the Coachella event will occur on April 12-14 and then April 19-21. The estimated proportion of people to celebrate maybe 750,000 - 125,000 throughout the six days of the festivity. The artists who come up to perform in the live event are Beyonce, Jay-Z, The Weekend and the rumored suitor of Nicki Minaj no other than the No.1 rapper in Hollywood, Eminen.

The General Admission tickets range to $429 per person with a two ticket per customer limit and also can be used on layaway plan that will give you an opportunity to add for anything.

While the Festival pass and shuttle combo approximately are monetary value is $504 each person and then lastly the Vip tickets go up to $999 per person with an additional 0f $150 for parking authorization.

You can be spent also on some luxury hotels and beaches nearby but it almost cost thousand dollars but still, you got to enjoy the view and feel some relaxation in the area.

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