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The suspect who killed "Gabriel" for torture gets death penalty

The court released their decisions upon the hearing of Gabriel's death on Tuesday. The boy who got killed by means of "animalistic" torture from his family members. The judgement sentence was proclaimed as his mother into life in imprisonment while the boyfriend of his mother will get the death penalty.

The two suspects said that they punished the child for the reason that Gabriel is a gay. Gabriel was beaten many times, starved into hunger, tied up with his hands, locked up in a cabinet, even shot by a BB gun and his teeth were eliminated by a bat. The investigators found some broken ribs, burns on Gabriel's body and fractured on his skull.

Court Judge George Lomeli desires the two suspects to fell some consciousness and recall for what they are doing to such a poor young boy. He added "It goes without saying that the conduct was horrendous and inhumane and nothing short of evil. It's beyond animalistic because animals know how to take care of their young."

34-years old Pearl Hernandez telephoned the police in order to tell them that his son is not breathing on May 22, 2013, and she even admits to the authorities that she barely hit him hard on the boy's head.

The medical examiner found out that the boy was dead 2 days afterwards because of lack of attention and psychic trauma.

Jennifer Garcia, teacher of Gabriel dealt on the court on Tuesday to express her words about Gabriel how he thinks about him every day and how he wants to how he wanted to be treasured by everyone, especially in his family side. The teacher also stated that "I find comfort in believing he is now at peace," Garcia said. "And I know that unlike him, his abusers will never have peace. They will have a lifetime of suffering to endure, and I know I'm not alone in hoping they experience the same abuse in their lifetime and worse."

Garcia also denounces the family of Gabriel for saying her that she just wants to be renowned because she goes up to court and helps Gabriel's case.

The investigators also said that upon finding some pieces of evidence they couldn't find even one single print of hope to be seen from the said tortured.

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