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The Epic History of Mr. Tom Longboat

His complete name is Tom Longboat who is a great sportsman in his decade. He is also the first man who got the title of First Nation Member of Boston Marathon.

He was given birth in 1887 and was being raised in Ontario Canada. Longboat was still a rookie when he joined the race of Boston Marathon where he failed 3 races and then won for the title for the first time on 1907.

His father died when he was just five years old since then he helped her mother to do farming so that they can have something to eat. His main reason for joining the race is their status of living so he pursued his training in order to win the Boston Marathon and then he got it.

Mr. Longboat also attended in the Canadian Army in France when the World War 1 took out. He used his ability in running to hand over the messages of the military posts and was proclaimed dead by a fault.

He was died at the age of 61 in 1949 and was awarded of Canadian Sports Hall of Fame in 1955 as one of the greatest longest runners in the Canadian states. So today Google Doodle and everyone in the world gives respect to him as he is one of the great people in the history to remember and his contribution to sports as well as serving in the military army will always remain in our hearts.

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