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Suicide is the reason why Anthony Bourdain died at age of 61

The most talented man in the Hollywood Industry who is a chef and a speaker to his viewers from his different TV series was affirming dead on Friday from committing suicide.

Anthony Bourdain who's still in France at that time for his approaching series of "Parts Unknown" was found dead by his friend Eric Ripert on his hotel room on Friday morning. The network which he was working in almost 2 decades mourns in a deep full of sorrow for their fellow worker.

President Jeff Zucker also released a statement about Anthony Bourdain's death saying "Tony was an exceptional talent. Tony will be greatly missed not only for his work but also for the passion with which he did it."

Other celebrities, his fans, associates chefs and even his friends were even shocked upon hearings for Bourdain's death. They still couldn't believe that his gone forever but they will always remember him as a true friend and a most talented person in the world.

Bourdain worked as a chef and then goes in the media industry where he used to share loves of food, travels and also about the other things that related to the other person. He almost experienced all honour that the industry extends to him.

He once released his first book on 1999 which is the title "Don't Eat Before Reading This" that turned out as the best seller and the another one "Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly." Bourdain's gained popularity after his book became the top selling book at the year 2000.

After all of his hard works, Food Network offered him a show which he was hosted the "A Cook Tour's" and then flip to other channels which he was being offered a show about "Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations" which he got two EMMY Awards and then some other numerous nominations.

Then he accepted CNN's bids to him to become one of the anchors in their channel to carry out the news and headlines. He garnered as one of the precepts of CNN News.

The growing up of the suicidal case in the United States are rising up and it's almost 26% on the said rate. So if you find a person who felt so depressed better comfort him/her and helps him/her get over that pain. Everyone should be talked about how's life is important and how it should be enjoyed with the rest of your family.

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