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Sale Now: Juniors' Ripped Split-Leg Denim Overalls

If you have a child who loved to wear street jeans then you barely see this new design from Dollhouse. These jeans design for those girls or maybe coming to the teenager is good to wear in outdoor activity with a playground style.

Street jeans are most likely to use if you are in a hurry or busy working days. This Juniors' Ripped Split-Leg Denim Overalls is very good for young teenagers who loved to go for outdoors walking with a more engaging color of black that matches in any skin tone.

The ripped jeans have side zipper and button closure for the belt loops with a patch pocket at chest and back. It has a buckle strap with the back bib that makes the look really look genuine. It is imported so it's very nice to wear and can last for many years depends on how you will use the jeans.

Try this now to get that sexy skinny legs of yours and you should not be missed their sale of course. You can get up to 20% discount on the price if you will purchase their product online. This sale will end on June 4, 2018, and you should hurry now before the promo ends.

Just apply the code SHOP when you go to check-out area. Its original price is $49 but since it's their grand sale then you will pay only$23.99 and their shipping may vary through your areas you're in.

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                          Just click the link below to see the actual product!!! Happy Shopping

                     Dollhouse Juniors' Ripped Split-Leg Denim Overalls • Dollhouse • $29.99

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