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Sale ends today for Silk Blend Semi-Sheer Tie-Neck Blouse

Silk Blend Semi-Sheer Tie-Neck Blouse is great for work and in outdoor activities especially if you paired it with jeans and sandals.  Silk Blend Semi-Sheer Tie-Neck Blouse he colors are applicable to all skin types and is lightweight to wear with a sleek tie at the neckline and some pleasing pleated pluffs at the shoulders.

 This blouse is up to hips so you tack in it or just leave it hanging and is imported. You can feel some innocence if you wear this Silk Blend Semi-Sheer Tie-Neck Blouse because of its pure color and endless beauty. It is made from cotton silk so it's pleasant to touch.

            This is the last day of their sale so you must try to hunt this beautiful Silk Blend Semi-Sheer Tie-Neck Blouse before their promo ends this midnight. The original price of this item is $180.00 since the product is on sale you can just buy it in just $90.00 so grab yours now!!!

               You can have free shipping if you spend a minimum of $49.00 for their products.

                                     To see the actual product just click the link below!!!

                            Marella Silk Blend Semi-Sheer Tie-Neck Blouse • Marella • $90

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