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Richard Harrison of "Pawn Stars" died at the age of 77

Richard Benjamin Harrison died on Monday at the age of 77 most well-known for its nickname " Old Man". He was a canny dealer and a male head of his reality show "Pawn Stars" where he rose to fame in 2009 since the show got a higher rating.

Harrisons Family and the other employees exhibiting their customers on how to purchase and sold those things that they arrogate that doesn't have any used at all because of its historical substantial. Richard Harrison was good at fixing cars, machines and much more while his family members have their own talents and skills that they shared up on their shop accomplishment.

Mr. Harrison loved by many fans because of his creativity that he contributed in his "Pawn Star" show and even jaunted large distance just to see his official store. It was established in 1980's and named it Gold&Silver Pawnshop located in Las Vegas City. He was a navy personnel back in the day and after retirement, he opened his first shop.

His son Rick and Grandson Corey also worked for his shop and was also starred in numerous episode of his show. Mr. Harrison's ability was passed through the generation and more generations to come. He's a great man with a powerful mind and heart that will always be remembered over the years to come.

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