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Pete Davidson talked about his Sobriety and Mental Illness

Pete Davidson who is the current boyfriend of Ariana Grande is talked about how he deals off his health issues and how he marijuana aided him.

Last year he declared his sobriety and brought out how he posterior his love for drinking and smoking complying about the said disorder. On his latest interview with Peter Rosenberg on his "Open Late" show, he said that he found out that he has a mental disorder problem and just he believes back then that he's into up with drugs but it was just completely wrong.

Ari's boyfriend goes to rehab on some few months ago because he felt deep pressured and finds some people to assist him in his problems. Davidson started to take some marijuana to facilitate vague unpleasant emotion and deal with his Chron's disease which he shared on an interview that he got diagnosed with this kind of illnesses.

He gives some details about his indications and decided to take a break on SNL to start his rehab. He thinks also that marijuana played some role in his suffering from anxiety because he overused it.

Davidson and Ari are already engaged and still going on. Grande also suffered depression after the bombing in Manchester that was happened in her concert venue a year ago. She felt so sad for the families of the victims and she dedicated her new song "No left to Cry" for those innocent lives that were being killed by the terrorist bombing.

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