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Liza Koshy and David Dobrik confirmed broke-up in a video

Do you love to watched videos on youtube like blogs, movies, comedy, horror etc? Then if you are, you might know this popular couple online that has 20 million subscribers and a million views of their videos. This two couple loved to make funny and pranks videos on their youtube channel as I am one of their subscribers.

I really loved this two youtube couple sensation because their vlogs are really awesome and can make you smile. I'd thought they will never lose each other hands but at the end of the day, they really bid goodbye to each other.

I saw their video on Monday online and they officially stated in the video that they call it quits. Liza Koshy who made the decision to end it there because she faces some hard rough time. She and Dobrik also feel that they've been such in a distant because of their busy schedule of work.

No matter how they are going to faking up their actions on their videos still they can't handle the pain that they are suffering right now because at what  Dobrik stated "we are broken up."

It hard to say goodbye to the one you really love but it's really hard to stick into a relationship when you know it didn't work at all. Every relation has endings but that's not the reason why you should stop in the middle of somewhere. Pains and heartaches are just normal and you should know that God has a better plan for you maybe not that person but in the nearly come.

Don't worry guys, the two remained still bestfriends so we'll just support them maybe someday they will be back into each other arms. They just need to rest and find their lost hearts in the middle of the desert joke:)..

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