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Kate Spade,designer of handbags,discovered dead

Everybody was shocked after hearing the lifeless body of the well-known fashion designer of Kate Spade on her apartment that was happened yesterday and that was Tuesday about 10:30 am suspending on Park Avenue location. The said statement of Det. Sophia Mason, one of the representatives of NYPD claiming that the housekeeper was the one who first recovered the body of Spade while his husband and Andy Spade was still at the house at that moment.

The Press and CBS New York described that they saw a suicide note in her apartment but the police didn't affirm this in a flash.

Kate Spade was the famous fashion designer of handbags that features modern looks and very inspiring daring colors that bring out the beauty of her piece of art. She founded her brand under her name in 1993 and became the colossus.

 Her real name was Katherine Noel Brosnahan and was born in Kansas City in 1962 where she coped with Andy Spade at Arizona State University in 1980's plus they got to work in Carter's men store were they got those ideas on planning to build a brand someday.

She started to build her dream fashion line with her husband and Elyce Arons that showcases her $155 black nylon handbag and five different styles. Their brand became popular and was being used by some of the Hollywood Celebrities like Sandra Bullock etc.

Their company has 140 retail shops as well as outlets store throughout the US and 175 shops in foreign countries. No doubtless, why Kate Spade awarded in 1998 and 1996 of CFDA International Award as one of the most anticipated fashion designers of the world because she has the ability that recreates the great value of a product and that's her.

Today, the fashion industry, her family, friends, nations, retailers etc. mourn because of the great loss of one of the most artistic designer in history. Your contribution will always remain in hearts and in nearby future of our new generation.

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