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Is Wingo Ads Legit? Review- Pengadam

Nowadays, websites are overflowing all over the internet. You don't know if that website is legit or not and just dive into their program. Fortunately, some of them are scammers and you must avoid that one in case you don't want to get scammed.

If you are looking some legit site to monetized your program and I will definitely recommend you this one that I already tested and much pretty incredible of this site is that they have many options on how to earn money as well. Are you interested or not?

Yes, of course, you are that's why you're here in my blog reading some stuff that may apply into your mind or whatever you gonna do with your life I am just here to support you.

What is Wingo Ads?

Wingo Ads is a CPM platform that offers mobile publishers and app publishers to monetize their product or content. They have marketing products that advertisers should insist to pay for memorable performance while publishers monetize traffic through campaigns and relevant ads. You can choose what ads you should put into your application or website since they provide different ads.

Wingo Ads is a self-serve traffic network that buys, sale and trade traffic. Their CPM's is really high and that makes them stand along the other monetizing program.

 Joining here is very easy and less hassle! Just click me to get started.

By applying the code, they will provide you either its direct link or a javascript code which is very nice because you have 2 options to choose.

Do Wingo Ads have a referral program?

Yes, they have the referral program in case you want to boost your income in their platform. All you have to do is share your referral link to your social media account and if someone sign-in using your affiliate link then you'll get credited.

Do they have customer service support?

They do have 24/7 customer service support so if ever you have any questions just contact them through chat or email.

What ads are they providing?

They have multiple ad formats so better choose the best one for your website.


So far, I like Wingo Ads because I don't have problems dealing with it and they have a different style to entertain you when you visited their site. Their ads are not intrusive and my website still works without any flaws coming from them. You should join now if ever you want to monetize your website, blog or an application.

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