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Kim Kardashian wear the big sunglasses for the second time

Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner were spotted wearing big sunglasses and it was totally shocking because Kanye West didn't want her wife to wear that kind of sunglasses since he totally hates it. He even suggested his wife not to wear it and just stick to small sunglasses but what's going Kanye?

Do you even know this Kanye or you're just letting your wife do what she wants?

Kardashian and Jenner's family were all known for its fashion style and how they bring up those old ones to this present days. Every time they dress-up a new style it's going viral and people are obsessed with their sense of fashion. Even celebrities couldn't be helped it but to follow also the newest trend that the family started.

The designers of the two sisters attired them on sunglasses that flourished perfect on their entire cheeks. The said shades were inspired on "90's daddy cool" and also gains UVA/UVB as a defense for your skin into direct sunlight.

Though this new style is rocking up now the small ones are still in their so if you don't want this big one. I am pretty sure that this trend will be hitting up this summer and soon.

Kardashian sisters always loved fashion so no questions that they really rock the world of fashion not just they are celebrities but they do really care about there self and so are we? Well, there's nothing wrong in following their styles but for some reason don't pressure yourself in buying those expensive clothes if you can't afford then you might be ended up getting disappointed.

Being beautiful is not just like how the way you put on clothes but how the way you smile and just be yourself that's the best fashion you could have in your life.

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