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How to put link in images?

I had so many questions in my mind that needed answers and one of those wonders on how to put a link in an image? Approximately, it is not that easy though if you have the ability to work in it then you can. Some websites owners also shared their knowledge on how to do that in a tutorial way. The best part of putting a link in images is that you can gain lots of traffic and leads.

Why we should put a link in an image?

As what I stated above it can help lots into your website performances and its ranking. If you're new in affiliate marketing then you should know at least this strategy that you can apply to make a sale in your specific website.

It's just simple you just have to create a code that goes like this......

Ex: <a href="">
<img border="0" alt="pengadam" src="logo_w3s.gif" width="100" height="100">

As you noticed the ahref is for your link and the image is stating for your image.

Just upload your image and then convert it to HTML and then get the src and then paste it then the alt is the name of the image that you uploaded in blogger.

I am not that good in coding but this is just based on my experienced and as what I learned on some of those websites that also shared their ways on how to do this.

This is just a basic coding but means a lot to us blogger since the effect of this trick is pretty amazing. I can't tell you that this literally works because it's been used by some of the website owners especially those more on affiliate marketing.