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Chris Hardwick removed from Nerdist website and face-up some allegations

Cloe Dykstra unveiled his terrible past with his "ex" in a blog post claiming that she was mentally and physically abused by the related man in her story. The actress was in a three years relationship but then decided to leave his ex-lover for her own good and that she realizes that he's not the man for her dreams. Many people believe that the man she's been spoken up in her blog post was Chris Hardwick.

Chris Hardwick wasn't just an actor and podcaster but he's also the co-founder of Since the post was going live in public the co-worker of the said co-founder was outstripped themselves from their big boss.

John Dykstra the father of Cloe Dykstra express so much gratitude to those people who supported their daughter through thick and thin.

Cloe said in her post "In my early twenties, I was a vibrant, goofy kid who loved video games, Doctor Who, dressing up in cosplay with my friends, and karaoke nights. One day, I met someone at a convention and ended up falling for a man almost 20 years my senior. Our relationship started out poorly. Within 2 weeks, rules were quickly established."

She added "What I wanted was a partner, someone to confide in, someone to share things with, someone who wouldn’t judge me, someone I knew would be there for me,” she wrote. “What I felt that this man wanted was a woman who would feed him, sleep with him, and go to events with him".

The saddest part of her confession is that she can't have male friends, and can't go outside hanging with some friends without his man. Due to the demand of his ex, she suffered weight loss, depression, anxiety and some various consequences that affect her totally. This kind of act was named by the National Domestic Violence as abusive and may lead to some arrangement of cases.

His ex also ruined her reputation upon the companies that she's working on resulting her to become more pressured and perform an act of suicidal. Some writers of stated that they won't take a part of the company anymore that Chris Hardwick's owned and also very disappointed after hearing the alleged scandal between the two ex-lovers.

Though we didn't hear any response from Hardwick and Nerdist Industries released a statement about Hardwick stating that he's not a part of the company at all and his contract was already expired on December 2017. All the reference of Chris Hardwick from the company were all dispatched and no longer be a co-founder in the said industry.

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