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Caps journey on winning their First Stanley Cup

It was a spectacle and memorable moment for Caps on Saturday after winning their First Stanley Cup final games at home. Over 20 years of playing Washington Sports and now they got what they've been dreaming off. The hard work of all of their team members was paid because of the great joy of being an instant winner.

Everybody was encouraging them and shouting loudly in order to help them gained full confidence in their fights. Robin Carlin stated in a postgame show "Most of the fans I see are in their 30s and 40s. This is a lifetime, they’ve never experienced anything like this … I mean, these are just great moments that you want to ingrain in your brain forever, and just enjoy this in every sort of way."

The Capital One Arena was full of crowds after hearing the results of the game. They are merely happy to congratulate the team and see them in person. It was ideal for a jubilation for their remarkable performance on the entire game and the concept of Alex Ovechkin that guided all the way to their success.

It was a great night to each one of them and by seeing those people who cheered up and never misses every single of the minute of the game they appreciate your effort.

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