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Why do most people try to bring you down and make you suffer?

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People are very sensitive when it comes to your personal lives. They are making some fussy talks in order to catch one's attention. Is it a good job right?

How much of money do they earn in making someone's life miserable? I bet you already know that they don't get any salary in interrogating someone's venture.

All the stupidity they do will give a big impact into yourself and to your family. They will make you into crazy nuts and run for help. I talked about this because I also got to experience this terrible behavior of them. I don't have any strength to face them and tell them what's the point of making me felt like I was meant to live in this world?

I tell you why they want to make you suffer?

1. They are jealous of everything you have own.

2. They judge you because they are looking for your attention or everyone's attention.

3. They want you to praise them like your having a big owe something from them.

4. If you are not talking to them personally or making friends to them then they might hate your attitude like you hate them also.

If you don't want someone to make your life miserable try to be good to them and asked them why they caused you some headache then you might understand why they do it. Open your hearts to them and maybe they will love you back.

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