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What is Memorial Day to You?

This day marks the solemnization of the Memorial Day to honor those soldiers who give their lives to protect the country from any attacks. The declaration of Memorial Day was being implemented in 1970 to recall those who died in serving the country.

It was also known as an informal starting time of summer having some beach hoppings, drinking with some friend in a bar etc. This is a holiday break so you must enjoy it!!!

Some restaurants may be closed due to the effect of the Holiday season but some malls are open and conducting some sales on their product. Maybe you can try to shop rather going on some coffee because if it's the holiday you can get big discount prices to any product that they sell on their store.

The sale season may right be ended up this night and you cannot catch it up because your late and maybe you're falling asleep right now. Ughh! so bad for you but better lack next time there are lots of upcoming holidays next month so be sure to ready your pocket so that you can shop any brands of clothes and apparels you like.

Government functions and Schools are very close for holidays so you can go anywhere you want or rest at home so that you can have a lot of energy tomorrow.

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