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S.P.L Sørenzen the inventor of ph-scale

Soren Peter Lauritz Sorensen a Danish chemist who invented the ph Scale for the purposes of evaluating a substance either it's acidic or basic as he wants to discover the secret behind of this myth. The said Ph-Scale was being used by us and will be also heading for the near future.

Last day, March 29 Google Doodle celebrated Sorensen innovation which gives us the opportunity to experience whether the taste is sour or bitter using his Ph-Scale and trying its various features.

He was brought into existence on January 9, 1896, and was raised in Denmark by his families agricultural worked. Sorensen studied science and then began to work in Danish Navy as a consultant
and earn his degree in his contribution to nanotechnology's systematic investigation. The Danish chemist was married twice and his wife Margrethe Hoyrup Sorensen joined forces with him to do the research.

He got the high position as a head in a most reputable laboratory named Carlsberg Laboratory that was resided in Copenhagen. Sorensen began his studies for fermentation since the lab he worked in affirmed by brewing company and that he feels at ease to pursue his scientific research here. He also managed to have a research on proteins on how the ion concentrate resulted to it and he eventually got the idea that the hydrogen ions play the big rule in antibodies purposes.

His invention ph-scale was formally brought in 1909 that marks him as a great chemist in the history of science. He had so many contributions to science so he gained ranks in technological companies.

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