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Shawn Mendez want to Collab the boyband group Bts

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Shawn Mendez and Chelsea Briggs were spotted in red carpet at the 2018 Billboard Music awards talking about uniting with Taylor Swift in her "Reputation" world tour asides from that he's working with a song collaboration with Khalid.

He also added that he is really attracted to BTS pieces of music and in an interview, he was asked if he wants to do a collaboration with BTS he quoted "A thousand percent. I just need to find the time to do it…I think that when I watched them perform the first time, I was the most blown away I’ve ever been in my whole life. It’s crazy."

Shawn also watched the video of BTS singing "In my blood" and quoted that "it was so good."

His fourth album will be released on May 25, 2018, and his really passionate about working on his album. He quoted also that "It’s the most honest album,” he states. “I think I really spent time not lying to myself and just writing exactly how I was feeling instead of dancing around the topics. I’m just nervous cause there’s stuff that I tried that is different from my music in the past and I’m nervous that people might not like it, but if they do, then that’s awesome…I think as a person I’ve changed so much since my last album so the music, obviously, is gonna change with it."

We will be more excited about your upcoming album Shawn!! I know that this album of yours is gotta be good.

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