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"Self congratulatory" post by trump in his memorial day tweet



A post of President Trump in his Twitter account gains a lot of criticism. Some Twitter fans may even be commented on his post and apparently, they don't like how he delivered his speech for Memorial Day.

For us we know, President Trump loves to talks with combine words of prank. We might see his joker face as well as direct to the point when he wants to brag about such things that he suspected to be not ample in his sight.

The latest tweet of him honoring those fallen soldiers who sacrificed their selves just to protect the U.S country and also his comment about his own self for everyone to know that he made some changes of his country as well as be proud of his accomplishment. The tweet bade of him as "self-congratulatory" because he praised his self rather than sticking to the main point of his statement for Memorial Day 2018 as a President of United State of America.

Precisely, we can't darned him because he is also very active in doing his duties and made such a big alter in his country. He just enjoyed his way of life-living and that we should support him all the way from his succession.

A true leader has a big mouth for his people to reach out and not hiding his flaws from his pockets. People may not understand your attitude but as long as you care them and provide their callings you will be called a "great father for your country".

If you dress well let your people dress too that's how a father do to their children. We should respect him no matter what he's been up too as long as he doesn't hurt someone by his filthy rima oris.

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