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PopCash Review


PopCash is another advertising program that was established on the year 2012 and still running in this current time. The said program is in demand especially to us publishers who want to monetize our website or blog. They don't require any views or how popular is your blog or website because they focused on how they can help to monetize your blog.

Other websites may have strict rules to follow but this one doesn't have any of that. How great this website right?

Since you don't have a lot of ideas about PopCash well I am going to introduce you to their program.
PopCash is very clean and fast loading website that delivers millions of ads per month and has ranked in Alexa at no. 365.

Being at the top rank of Alexa is a lifetime achievement most of us bloggers why? Because you have to pull first the trigger before you can make it to the uppermost.

Signing in PopCash is very easy and fast approved because they don't want someone like you to wait for nothing. They make sure to you that you will be one of their top earners and make you earn even more money.

        --- Go to Popcash.net and then click enter to be directed to their site. Once you already there hit the Publish button and then you will be directed to the sign-up form.

Once you finished in signing check-out your Gmail account to check if there's a verification code and verify your account through the text that they send to you and you will be redirected to your Publisher account.

In your publisher account, you can see the whole thing on their website. You can monetize through your Publisher account or either Advertise your website or blog to everybody or either go to referral program and share your referral code to maximize your earning in PopCash.

Different type of ads in Publisher



Just choose what kind of ads you want to run into your website. The CPM rate depends on the ads and the country who visited your site.

Advertiser Panel


 If you want to boost your popularity online then advertise your website or blog in PopCash. Just deposit money into their account and create a campaign. I don't use the advertiser panel because I don't have a money to advertise my blog so I am just sticking in a place where all of it is "FREE".

Referral System


Promote your link to any of your social media account to earn 10% rev share from the members that you'll get to sign-up using your referral link.

Payment Section


* Paypal minimum of $10 and a fee of 2%(or $1)
* Paxmum minimum of $10 and a fee of $1
* Skrill minimum of $10 and  a fee of $1
* Webmoney minimum of $10 and a fee of $1

Costumer Section


You can contact them on their following social media account.
*Gmail account- contact@popcash.net
*telephone#- +40 733712172

                                    You can sign-up here to get started or click their banner below!!!


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