Pippa Middleton Dress in Wedding Looks like Arizona Iced Can Tea

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Pippa Middleton reaches the destination in the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on Saturday morning gleaming a dazzling light green floral dress ready-made by British band the Fold.

The dress estimated cost goes to $695 and that's worth it the price on account for she's really stunted in this floral dress. However, someone notices her dress and barely look like the Arizona Green tea can. Is it just a coincidence? Oh! no. It is not!!!


 The color and the flowers are really similitude to each other. But it's not how the two have a resemblance but it's up to Pippa Middleton how she delivers the dress to fit her style.

Generally, even though her dress looks similar to the Arizona Green tea can but she's really gorgeous wearing that floral dress.

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