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Online Surveys "CashCrate" Review

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There are thousands of online surveys websites floating online. You can get rewarded by taking some of them maybe money or through points. But as usual, surveys are not just enough to fulfill your needs. You can't earn big money from surveys but just only a few bucks but it's okay rather than without doing nothing or just like playing computer games.

What's CashCrate?

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Well, Cash Crate is an online survey that contains toolbars, tabs, and links to choose from. You can earn money through surveys, watching videos and testing products. It will take a minute before the surveys show up.
The columns of the survey links with the details provided of how much amount each one survey cost is located under the tab. They paid points instead of cash not like the other sites that pay cash.
Each survey has it's own name "SSI Surveys" and much more. I can't understand what does it all means because they don't provide the exact way of how does this survey works.

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Whenever you click the survey link you will be redirected to another site like Surveygizmo or OpinionPlus and much more. Those surveys will ask your Name, Age, Gender or Zip Code.
The time you spent from their surveys most likely 30 minutes or more. They will pay you $0.75 to $1.00 depends on how long do you take up the surveys.  Some of their surveys won't even pay you even you took so long to answer those questions and can get disqualified.

Is it worth it to try?

Based on my observation they will give you many surveys but they will not all work for you. But it's just based on my observation we have different experienced in answering those surveys so you might just try it first before going to the conclusion.

Payment term

Cashcrate will give you points after your being qualified for those surveys. You can redeem it through money, gift cards and prices. The dollar value of those points can take you up some time to calculate but Cashcrate has a points system for its features but surveys are based on cash and not points so you tell immediately how money do you earn in their surveys.


For me taking surveys is okay it doesn't require strength just your mental ability to answer those questions. Earning money online is not easy so you must consider to take up those surveys to earn although it is just a few bucks it can be a little help in your daily expenses. Cashcrate maybe gives you a little tough side but it all depends on you. Must try it on your own so you will be the one to object that site.
Most importantly, you must install some anti-malware on your laptop or pc because some of those surveys contain some spam site and so on.

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