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Women accused Morgan Freeman because of harassment

Morgan Freeman is one of the most well-known people in Hollywood because of his anticipating career in acting that he got to win several awards in Oscars. The actor of "Long Way Home" has his own company that was established on 1996 called Revelations Entertainment where he created some numerous films like "Along Came the Spider" and the "Madam Secretary".

Morgan is now 80 years old and still hitting some balls in the court. He got the best shot this year because there are lots of women complaining how sarcastic he was as a boss in his company. As a girl, we want to be respected and beloved but this man doesn't have any conscience.

Maybe he was just talking some rude sh*t and that it was just normal to him but definitely to those women that he fantasized it was not. It was all sexual harassment and there's no place for you to stay quiet this time. Absolutely, women should never be afraid of everything because we have the right to demand an action to this kind of sexual acts.

A production assistant who used to work in "Going In a Style" dreaming to have a great job but it was all totally ruined when he used to work with Morgan Freeman. He released a statement in CNN claiming that he was being harassed by Morgan on those several months where he was working on the said show.

She concluded that Freeman would even touch her and made some comments about her body figure that made her even more uncomfortable. This is not just the first time that happened but some of his movies set too.

I think he's really addictive to girls or just obsessed with their bodies. There's no surprise about this issues! Look how he made that crazy move, all 16 women have the same issues of Freeman's molesting.

Still, Freeman hasn't released a statement of this accusation and we are looking forward how this allegation goes on. Do the victims file a case or just an apology coming from Morgan Freeman? Let me know the comment below!!!

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