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Monetization Program- Propeller Ads Review

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 There are many ways to monetize your website like doing a sponsored post, affiliate marketing, selling your services to others or by displaying ads.

Since many ads networks are showing up in every corner of the internet but Google Adsense still the number 1 in their choices but you can still switch to other ad networks if Google Adsense won't work for you like this Propeller Ads.

How Propeller works?

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It is one of the most popular ad networks online and serves 650 million ads impression daily. Their publishers range to 100,000 sites approximately and run an active campaign. 

Propeller ads pay you for every 1,000 per impressions you get from your visitors. You generated a revenue based on your impressions and as the higher traffic, you get the pay rates are high too.

You must choose what kind of ads you want to show up on your website. The rates depend on its location, ad-unit, type of device, type of website, performance as an advertiser.

Want to signup?

Just visit their page and fill-up the form they have provided for you. After you submitted, confirm your email address and you will be redirected to their site and you can then your eligible to add your website right away. 

Add the code to your site to get verified.

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After you get to verify your account you can run your ad immediately.

Types of Ads

PopUnderads is a type of ads that pops-up into your browser when you open a site. They will basically be caught your attention and lead you to their landing page. This ad can be view in a minimize position.

Advantages of using this ad:
> They pay high CPM rates
> Provide a larger ad area
>Integrated with mobile monetization
> They pay every visit

DirectAds is a simple ad that can be displayed anywhere in your website page. This ad is very good for those webmasters that want only a very clean and simple ad.

BannerAds is the most recommended ads most by the business model website and soon. This ad is very clean and nice to look at and won't ruin the appearance of your website.

They support any size of banner ads from small to larger sizes.

Mobile Advertising basically runs the ads through smartphones and is very eligible to get the highest traffic through this method. This mobile advertising program contains more benefits, unlike others.

Push-up Ads is like a type of ad that is being displayed in a dialog box and can barely adapt in any devices. It helps drive traffic to users because of its appeal and form that can be caught their attention. Their impressions are quite very impressive that pays you $7 per 1,000 impressions.

Mobile Interstitial Ads run a full-screen banner that can show-up in a vertical or horizontal form depending on what device your using. This kind of ads works on any sites and so on.

Good Benefits

> don't require anything and can start right away
>they have different types of ads that you can choose from
>sharing revenue
>good customer service support
>payments are made via wire transfer, WebMoney, or Payoneer
> The minimum payout is $500 for wire transfer and $100 for Webmoney and Payoneer
>every 30 days is your earning period

Bad Benefits

>your visitors might be annoying for those pop-ads
>lose of traffic
>no Paypal supported in their payment section
>website or blog might won't show in any search engines


 It is one of the most promising ad networks online and doesn't require anything. They help you optimizes your campaigns and offers a wide range of ads that you can choose from.

Their ads run smoothly from every content of your site and very flexible for getting ton's of traffic especially if you're using mobile ads.


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