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Lebron James moving forward to Nba Finals


On Sunday morning, Cleaveland Cavaliers won over the game between Bolton Celtics with the average score of 87-79. James who played over Cleaveland made a big participation in winning over the Bolton Celtics and will be immediately heading to NBA Finals.

Lebron got a score of 35 points with 15 rebounds and 9 assists and made 48 minutes appearance in the entire game. He also commented Kevin Love "This is a heck of an accomplishment by our ballclub without the help of our star power forward" who didn't participate in Game 7 because of his accidental injury in Game 6 and that he needs to rest more.

Kevin Love was being replaced by Jeff Green and got a score of 19 points, 8 points and 1 assist fast-forward to Finals. Golden State Warriors and Houston Rockets will be having a match on Monday and if ever who will win of the two will be matched in Cleaveland Cavaliers to the next round of the game.

This coming Thursday will be the opening of NBA Finals and everyone is already excited to know who will be the next winner of this season.

Meanwhile, Celtics Coach Brand Stevens released an official statement quoted "The pain is part of the path and we've been really fortunate to continuously get better over the years but when it ends it's painful but that is part of the path so we have to let it motivate us".

We feel your loss too and we will always be your fans.

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