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Kim Kardashian sees Trumps in White Palace

Kim Kardashian who is curious about Alice Johnson took such an effort to help with her case. The famous celebrity was on the White House on Wednesday where she met President Trump in action and she's been able to discuss her appeal about the case of Johnson.

Alice Johnson who was committed a criminal law which is money laundering and cocaine possession was put into a life-imprisonment in 1996. Kim Kardashian West and her lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley was planned to gather with the White House officials involving Jared Kushner who is the son-in-law of President Trump to evoke the matter of Johnson amnesty.

It's just a coincidence when Kim and President Trump see each other in person because Kim and her lawyer just having a meeting of the officials of White House palace, she didn't know that the President could be there at those moments.

Mrs. Barnett who is a legal member of Johnson case stated in an interview "It was very general.
We just don’t know, but it seems like the meeting was positive, and it is in President Trump’s hands now as to what he decides to do."

Johnson's case was being analyzed now and the result only varies on the President's hands.

President Trump posted after meeting Kim and her lawyer with a quote "Great meeting with @KimKardashian today, talked about prison reform and sentencing."

In an interview of the website Mic, Kim shares about how she's being encouraged to help Johnson's case after seeing a viral video. She didn't meet Alice Johnson in person yet but she spokes up with her on a telephone call.

Kim is wishing that Trumps hears the calling of Johnson and that he will give her a second chance at life to live for.

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