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Kendrick Lamar concert : A fan rap in n-word


  Kendrick Lamar was having a concert in Alabama and invited a fan to sing his new single M.A.A.D City but the woman didn't manage to deliver the song correctly and an unfavorable judgment goes on when everyone saw the video of the rapper that was uploaded yesterday.

The rapper doesn't want the fan put in a state of critisicm but want to improve her performance live on stage with a single guide of him. People could not help it but cast Kendrick Lamar in putting the fan in an awkward situation since he's the one who brought the fan on stage.

Also T.I shares his own description on Kendric Lamar allegations in an Instagram post quoted"Honestly a tough spot for both parties. I feel the same way every show when I do 24s in front of thousands of white fans. I know it's not malicious and they mean no disrespect or harm but it still stings a lil bit. And then I gotta accepted [sic] my responsibility for using a private term for public consumption... I feel both sides. But all in all #IstandWitKdot period."

T.I acknowledged both sides of the story and that he knows his own limit. 

Even it's either Kendrick Lamar or the woman's fault we shouldn't attack them nonsense words because people tend to make mistakes.

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