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Harvey Weinstein charged of rape and sex offense by 70 women

Harvey Weinstein who is a one-time film producer was accused by 70 women of sexual assault. He was then suspected to assailed a woman way back in 2003 and a woman in 2004 but didn't get prosecuted because of lack of evidence. Last week he was appointed by the attorneys on his new case.

His attorney told in an interview that Weinstein will never admit the said accusations and refuse all those allegations about him. He could go to jail for 25 years if ever he got acquitted on the said crime.

Weinstein also had some cases to deal with in London, Los Angeles, and US National Authorities. On the grand jury of the hearing, Mr. Harvey Weinstein didn't prove his self for the purposes of the court to make a decision if he's going to be jailed or not.

Mr. Brafman his lawyer stated that Weinstein depends on his own self that there is a foul play for a political force that was invested to the prosecutors to ensure that he will get convicted because of the big case he's facing now.

His passport was ceded to the authorities and was corresponded to put on a tracking device because he paid his bail for $1m in order to be released in jail.

Mr. Weinstein case is still ongoing and only awaits its jury's diction in court. He's out in the jail but the authorities are still keeping the eye to him if ever he is going to make a false decision to run out somewhere so nobody can find him.

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