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Fresh Look for outdoor activities

Teenagers nowadays are more likely want to visit any places that they like or jams some friends in any bars and other public places that they want to hang out along.  Some of them just intend to wear some nerdy style of fashion or just like "hello world I don't care about how my looks look alike as long as I can hang out with my friends it's enough for me!".

Yeah, You probably do that just like me but eventually, I notice some of my styles don't really fit me especially if we were going somewhere to have a relaxation. I usually do that because I don't really care about myself and in some cases, people judge you because of how the way you look and what style you wear doesn't suit you. So here I am trying to improve myself just like you.

So some of my searches online linked me to this fashion trends!. Well, if you are going to outdoors typically you wear the T-shirt, jeans, and shoes still you look like a nerd rapper. We are going to evolve that style into a casual but still with a class and fresh look.

Everyone will acknowledge you with your different but stunning look now! From wearing a Mara Eyelet  Button Blouse paired it with some sexy ripped jeans by Nordstrom. Bag from Louis Vitton that makes you even more professional with it and a simple sandal made by Tory Burch added some earrings by Kendra Scott.

People may be interested in the style you wear and liked to wear it too. Somehow this is just my suggestions so if you ever liked it then try it or maybe if you don't then it's okay. Just follow your own style and I am still sticking to my own too!!.

But I reassured you that you really stunt in this looks that I provided you!! So better check it out it to see the next gorgeous you!!!

Just click the link to see the actual photo!!!

                                          Sea Mara Eyelet Button Blouse • Sea • $195
                                    SP Black Ripped Knee Skinny Jeans • SP Black • $58
                                  Kendra Scott Ella Drop Earrings • Kendra Scott • $29.98
                     Tory Burch Miller Leather Logo Thong Sandals • Tory Burch • $198
                       Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Artsy MM • Louis Vuitton • $1,775

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