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Flood in Ellicot City caused so much destruction

On Sunday a heavy violent storm crushed in the area of Baltimore areas. Ellicott City got the major impact of the storm which resulted in a flash flood and the declaration of emergency was implemented by the Governor of Maryland Larry Hogan.

The water level extended to the first floor of buildings and still expanding its water level. Though there are no casualties or wounded being covered still the government are very active in monitoring the entire city for safety purposes.

It was the second phenomenon that was happened in Maryland in the last two years. Some business owners have just completed reconstructing their buildings and it's ready for use. The people in metropolis gathered for a shibboleth "Elliot City Strong" to share their fighting spirit to other and want them to be stronger and fearless in any obstacle that will come into their life.

Elliot City is one of the most flooding areas in Baltimore since it is located in Patapsco River down to the Chesapeake Bay. A flash warning immerged by National Weather Service in Anne Arundel County and southeastern Howard County on Monday at exactly 12:45 am because the water immediately raising up.

The water in the riverbanks started to climb up in two hours at the level of 17.8 feet then goes to 24.13 feet on Sunday afternoon in just a little time then hits its a new record with an average of 23.6 in exact. The rainfall yet ranging on but maybe just a small proportion of drops not like in the other days that's really flashing its speed

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