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Drake disses someone in his new song"Duppy Freestyle"

 Drake released his new single "Dubby Freestyle" where the song pointing out to Kanye West and Pusha T. It is available now in Spotify, Itunes etc.

Pusha T who suspected Drake for ghostwriting in his new song "Infrared" got an answer from him. Pusha's album was produced by Kanye West and was published on May 25, 2018.

The two opponent is just like having a vice versa talk in their rap songs. Drake song's lines are strong and furious while Pusha is like having a hot chili sauce that's very hot whenever you sip it.
Latest controversy of Pusha T was when he used Whitney Houston drug-ridden bathroom for his cover photo and said that he paid the rights to use it for his album a cost of $85,000.

We don't know the exact reasons why the three rappers are feuding each other however for some reason maybe they don't want to be in the public so they just put their stories into the lyrics of their songs. Well, that's a rapper's tricks!

Songwriters wrote their songs based on their life experience and with mix emotions because that's what people liked about you. Music played the biggest role in our life as a reliever especially if we are really broke.

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