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Adam Rippon and Jenna Johnson winners of Dancing with the Stars 2018

Dancing with the Stars Finals took place on Sunday night with the three group of finalists fighting up to get the crown. The three competitors namely Josh Norman NFL player and Sharna Burgess his partner, Tonya Farging a former skater and her partner Sasha Farber and the last of the list Adam Rippon and his partner Jenna Johnson.

 The competitive contestants make the night shine even more in every sway of their hips and the audience couldn't help it but to join them in the rhythm of dancing. The entire battle is barely a memorable epic performance that was happened in "Dancing with the Stars" because each of the candidates builds their choreography in a heart-stopping move.

In the long run of the competition still Adam Rippon the skater and his partner Jenna Johnson get the mirrored trophy. Adam Rippon couldn't believe that he got the prize for the first time since he's been the candidate for Dancing with the Stars in two seasons and that he got his shot now.

He stated "Winning the Mirrorball now has taken on a whole new meaning," he said. "I never thought somebody like me would be accepted, but I really feel love. That's why I'm so excited for what we have in store".

Even though the two opponents didn't get the title but still they are happy to be part of the entire season and they will never forget the opportunity that Dancing with the Star gave to them.

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