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BTS fulfilled their song 'Fake Love" on Billboard Music Awards Last Night

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 Another victory for the K-pop world as one of the K-pop band "BTS" earned the Top Social Artist Award for the second time around in Billboard Music Awards. BTS dropped by on Sunday night in 2018 Billboard Music Awards and was acquainted with the boyband group by the most respective host Kelly Clarkson in the world.

The boyband group attires makes them more cutie with huge pink earmuffs to luminance the entire crowds. When the boyband group went on the stage one by one the clapping of the crowds rumbling the entire area and sung their new lead single album Love Yourself: Tear.

The arrangement of the stage covered the BTS in a slurred mist and blue and purple lights that make them spark in the spotlight even more then they switched up their songs to raps and pop melodies. They even spurred on the fans to sing with them when they are not fully engaged in dolorous and in dancing.

Their Love Yourself: Tear single sold over 1.44 million copies in South Korea and their "Fake Love" ranks No.14 in Spotify with 41 million views on Youtube in just 24 hours after being uploaded.

The group even defeated the other huge stars in the music industry like Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato, Justin Beiber, and Shawn Mendez to get the Top Social Artist Crown that based on fans voting.

These upcoming Friday BTS will perform again their "Fake Love" single in The Ellen Degeneres Show and will be having their world tour in different areas of the world so better grab your tickets now to see them perform live.

This is just the beginning of their journey and still jumps to another more!!!!

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