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Boost your online income through Yllix


Sometimes we are having some thoughts on how to make more money through our blogs or websites since we have the best traffic and we can earn a lot definitely if we used this kind of maneuver. The said traffic is very crucial in participating your blogs or websites ranking and can also serve as your potential profits online.

Though there are so many ways to earn money online the best thing to apply is this kind of huge traffic you had on your website. Monetization is just a mere since you'll just have to place the ads into your blogs or website but having a best monetization program is very essential these days since some of them didn't deliver the best ads for your website or blog and their CPM is too low.

Yllix is the best one of them and still be on the top of those monetizing program who really satisfied the needs of their members.

This site was established on 2012 and still rocking money online. They provide CPM/CPC/CPA for their publishers to gain their attention in using their ads to their respected websites and blogs.

If you think you will not get qualified to their website then your possibly wrong because they don't require any high traffic or how popular is your website. You can sign-in immediately and start right away.

Types of Ads

*Banner Ad tag - usually this code is implemented on the right side of your website or blog.
*InApp Banner Ad tag - must have an application in order to avail this ad.
*Redirect Ad tag - it's mainly focused is to deliver your visitors to their ads so maybe your visitors won't even read your article and called you scammer but this ad really gives you ton's of bucks since your visitors will be redirected to your ads.
*Slider & Anchor Ad tag - it's not that intrusive and the ads will be shown either on the right side or left side.
*POPUP/UNDER&TABUP/UNDER Ad tag- I prefer you to use the under tag because it will not give a distraction to your readers.
*Layer Ad Tag - it is an intrusive ad that gives your visitors a piece of a headache.
*Direct Link - this ads is really simple and not intrusive.

Referral Program

Well, seems their ads are quite impressive then you must also accept this offer that they give to you. They provide you referral links and banners in case you want to increase your earnings. Just share your referral links on your social media account and if someone uses that link to register on their site you will get credited immediately.


Every day you can cash-out your earnings when you reach the minimum of $1 via PayPal. So if you don't have PayPal account then you must proceed to their website to sign-up.

Yllix is good but they also have the worst side which is if you don't have enough traffic you can't earn money and if you earn a lot in that day and in the second day you don't have then they will deduct your earnings but only a few cents. This is just based on my experienced and still holding it but if this site won't work for me then I  have to switch to another.


If you have the best traffic in the world then apply for this YLLIX  monetizing program. You can sign-up here or click the picture below!!!.

                                               Monetize your website traffic with yX Media

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